Winter Staple Pieces

Hiii my beauties 😀

How is your Sunday going so far? Relaxing much?

Today I will help you guys build your wardrobe, YESSSSS!!! This way you will never feel that you don’t have anything to wear again.

These are the pieces that you should invest in to help you build a good base for your looks. So let’s go to it!!


  1. Skinny jeans: It will go with EVERYTHING!!! You should invest in a good pair of dark wash or black jeans because you will wear the heck out of it, it’s a piece that can go with any top.



  1. Knit sweater top: It’s a very versatile piece. You can wear it on its own or even on top of a shirt or t-shirt to switch it up. And plus it will help you stay warm on this winter time 😀



  1. Button down shirt: A white, blue or even a striped one. A button down shirt can be dressed up or down. Invest in a good one because you will wear it a lottt!



  1. The classic LBD: A well-tailored LBD (Little Black Dress) is a must in any closet, it can be dressed up for work with a blazer and dressed down with a leather jacket for those night outs. And of course if you pair it with a staple bag and shoes, and you are ready to go!



  1. Long Sleeve T: Any T is a wardrobe staple, and for the winter time a warm long sleeve one is definitely a must!!


  1. Scarf that goes with everything: Whether it be a simple design or even with patterns or stripes, on this winter time a scarf will be your best friend, plus it will take your outfit to a whole another level.



Coats and jackets are a must for the wintertime and you should definitely invest on these three types of coats:

  1. Leather Jacket: If you don´t own one by know, just put your phone/laptop aside and go get yourself one, it can help you turn any look around, and especially a black one.



  1. Trench coat: A nude or black one will help you look more put together and stylish. Definitely get one!!



  1. Blazer: In any color, it can be a simple black one or even in a peach, it’s great to wear at the office, or even for those night outs.




  1. Flats: A good pair of flats is a must, they can be nude, white or even black. They can help dress down any look, pluss they are super comfy (all what we need in this winter time)!!!



  1. Boots: It can be thigh high, knee-high or even ankle boots. Boots are the go to shoes on this winter time, because it’s the only season that we can wear them and not get starred like we are some crazy people 😀 LOL!



  1. Heels: This one is a given! We all need that perfect pair of black heels that go with everything. Specially for the office.



And of course, don´t forget the accessories my dear!! Accessories can help you spice up any look.

Hope this was helpful to you guys 😀

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Have a great day!
See you on Tuesday !!


– Dii –

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