Inexpesive Make-Up Brands

Hiii my beauties!!

How are you guys doing? I’m doing great 😀

Today I will talk about some inexpensive make-up brands that you can actually get here in Mozambique and nearby cities.

Well, to be honest lately drugstore brands have been increasing their prices so much, to the point that it’s almost the price of an high-end brand but fortunately  there are some brands that are still inexpensive.

Here in Mozambique, is very hard to get drugstore, independent brands and especially high-end make-up. In general it’s just hard to get make-up here. That’s why I only have few high-end make-up items in my collection.

The brand that we can easily find here is Bh Cosmetics. It’s not as inexpensive as it is on the Bh Cosmetic’s site, but it can still be considered somewhat inexpensive. And it’s quite easy to get it here.

To get other brands we have to go all the way to South Africa. In my opinion the brands that are actually inexpensive and worth buying are Essence, Wet’n Wild, Catrice, Rimmel and NYX. These brands have really good products as well, I personally use these brands most of the time!

And to get other make-up items we have to import all the way from the USA, the brand that is still inexpensive even after adding the shipping cost and everything is Morphe Brushes. They have really good brushes and make-up items, as you have seen on my previous posts I sometimes import make-up from the Morphe’s website. They have a very good service and their products always make it.

So these are the make-up items that I buy when I’m in a budget.

Hope this was helpful to you guys!!

Let’s get shopping 😀

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Have a great day!
See you on Sunday !!


– Dii –

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