All about the Transition Shade

Hii my beauties 😀 !

So, today I will be explaining the importance of the transition shade for an eye make-up.

So let’s get our facts checked first, because many people don’t even know what exactly it is and don’t feel that it’s really that important to use because it’s just an extra step.

A transition shade is an eyeshadow, is usually a light matte, one or two
shades darker than the skin tone, which is used on the crease
area to help blend better eyeshadows and
give more dimension to the look.


Using or not a transition shade can really make or break your eyeshadow look.

Well, when creating a look, most of the times it’s used two or more shades, so this shade helps to blend better the light and the dark shade into each other, it helps to create a more gradual look.

So … It will help you blend better your eyeshadow, give some dimension to the look, give it gradient look and it will make your whole eye make-up just POP and look totally put together, believe me!


How to use?

You should apply the transition shade, after setting the eyeshadow primer and before applying any other shade on the lid.

You can apply it with a large fluffy eyeshadow brush in windshield wiper motions until it’s completely blended in, take your time because the goal is to look seamless and not sloppy.

The shade doesn’t need to go exactly on the crease, it can go a below or above it, it’s totally fine, because it will be blended with other eyeshadows. It just needs to be placed where you will blend your eyeshadow.

And every time you apply eyeshadow to the crease you should blend it into the transition shade so it looks seamless.


Choosing the shade:

The shade you use should be darker than your skin tone but lighter than your eyeshadow. So, here is a guide on how to choose the right shade for your transition:

If you are going to use:

Go for Transition shades with:

Light to Medium Cool Shades Neutral Tones
Warm Shades Warm and Neutral Tones
Neutral Shades Neutral Tones
Dark Cool Shades Cool tones




Hope all this information was helpful to you guys!

This will change your make-up game forever and you will SLAYY 😀 !!

Have a great day guys 😀

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