Cruelty-Free Beauty 101


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So today I will talk (write) about something that is a bit more serious which is Cruelty-Free Make-up.

First of all let’s get to know the real meaning of Cruelty-Free!

A Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Company, is a company that doesn’t test its ingredients nor the final product on animals, not even when it’s required by law. When referring to cruelty-free brands, it’s strictly about not testing their products on animals and not about including animal derived as ingredients.

There has always been a misconception between the terms Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

When it’s about, not using animal derived products, the used term is Vegan. It means that it doesn’t contain any ingredients that come or made with animals.


There are other brands whose animal testing policy is to not test on animals unless required by the law. That is the case of products sold in countries like China.

Where it’s required by the Chinese law to test their ingredients and/or products on animals if the product is going to be sold there. And these brands are still considered non cruelty-free brands. There are such brands as:

  • Bobbi Brown;
  • Bumble & Bumble;
  • Clinique;
  • Flirt;
  • Jo Malone;
  • La Mer;
  • MAC;
  • Michael Kors;
  • Origins:
  • Tom Ford;
  • Etc..

We should have in mind that when a company is owned by a brand that does test on animals that doesn’t mean that the company does in fact animal testing. There are some cases in which a company that doesn’t do animal testing is owned by a company that does. So each company has its own policy, you shouldn’t judge one by its parent company.

But we also have to be careful when a product says that it’s cruelty-free, sometimes products do put on their packaging that it’s cruelty free when in fact it’s not, because there is no law that regulates what can be put or not on the packaging, so you should always be careful with that, because it can be deceiving.

These are the trustworthy logos that you should look for when buying cruelty free products:


Here is the updated list (2016) of some of the High End, Drugstore, Natural and Green and Independent Brands of beauty products that are in fact 100% Cruelty-Free:

High End

Drugstore Natural and Green

Independent Companies

·      Anastacia Beverly Hills

·      Ardency In

·      Bareminerals

·      Becca

·      Bita

·      Blinc

·      Buxom

·      Cargo

·      Charlotte Tilbury

·      Coverfx

·      Hourglass

·      It Cosmetics

·      Josie Maran

·      Kat Von D

·      NARS

·      OCC

·      Tarte

·      theBalm

·      Too Faced

·      Urban Decay

·      Catrice

·      NYX

·      Essence

·      Jordana

·      Milani

·      Physicians Formula

·      Pixi

·      Sonia Kashuk

·      Wet’n’Wild

·      Afterglow

·      Alima Pure

·      Everyday Minerals

·      RMS Beauty

·      Young Blood

·      Bh Cosmetics

·      ColorPop

·      Dose of Colors

·      Girlactik

·      Lime Crime

·      Makeup Geek

·      Melt

·      Red Apple Lipstick

·      Sugarpill

·      Zoeva


I hope this post was helpful and informative to you guys! If you have any question regarding the subject you can leave it in the comment section below and I will make sure to answer it.

So next time you are going to make a purchase think about our little friends that get harmed in the process of making us feel pretty and if it’s really worth it. There are many other good options of Cruelty-Free make-up, go for those.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone, and a great week ahead!

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