Buying fake make-up


Hiii my beauties !!!

So today I will share with you guys my thoughts on buying fake make-up … PLEASE DON’T !!!

First of all you should never buy anything fake, and specially cosmetics and beauty products. And this is not just because it harms the company’s revenue and image but also because it may harm you. Beauty products go straight into your skin, and if it contains ingredients that are not suitable for your or even any skin type it can be bad for you.

I have seen so many of my friends buying those, and it really worries me that they don’t understand the exact damage it can create.

I have nothing against buying cheap make-up, by cheap I mean regarding the price, I, myself buy from cheaper brands such as Morphe, Essence and so on, because I read the composition and know exactly what that product is made of, and know if it is or not suitable for my skin.

But when it comes to buying fake ones you don’t know what goes into the process of manufacturing that exact product, because to make it exactly like the original one, they not just use the packaging but also they also copy the exact composition and details form the original one to put it on the box, even if it’s not made with those exact ingredients, and most of the times it’s not because they have to make it as cheap as possible, and sometimes they contain ingredients such as mercury, arsenic, lead and even rat droppings.

So please, do a favor and don’t harm yourself with fake products. I know the original ones can be a bit expensive but it’s totally worth it, you can even save to buy an original. And today there are so many options, even drugstores have great make-up.

If it’s going into your skin, you should definitely
think twice before buying a fake one.

Here are some pictures comparing the real ones to the fake ones, it can be deceiving. You should always do your research beforehand and buy from a trusty source.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope this tip was helpful to you! You should really think twice before putting something fake into your skin. It’s not worth it.

Have a great Wednesday everyone !! 😀

P.S. : All images from google.

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