Make-Up Brushes 101 | Part 2

Hiii my beautiess !!!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far!

So today I’ll share the part 2 of the 101 on the makeup brushes.

It’s all about eyes and eyebrows.

Applying eyeshadow is not as simple as it looks, it takes many steps, colors, brushes and a lot of blending to create even the most basic eye look. So today I will share with you guys some of the brush types and in which application they should be used.


    a. SHADER: These are the many types of shader brushes, I use them all to apply eyeshadow all over the lid. I use the small ones to apply on the inner lid and the bigger ones to apply all over the lid.


(Bh Cosmetics Red Leopard set, shader brushes (1 and 2); Drugstore shader brush; Bh Cosmetics Pink a Dot Brush set, nº4, 5, 6; Bh Cosmetics smugger brush; Sephora professional shader brush; Essence eyeshadow brush; The Body Shop´s blender and eyeshadow brush)

b. CREASE: These are the perfect crease brushes, they help you apply the eyeshadow to the crease with no harsh lines. They can also be used to apply eyeshadow on the outer V.


(Bh Cosmetics Pop Art set, nº 6 brush; Bh Cosmetics Pink a Dot set, nº 7 brush)

c. BLENDING: I use these to blend the eyeshadows together so there are no harsh lines and so everything is seamless. These ones are perfect to apply the transition color as well.


(Essence blending brush; Bh Cosmetics Red Leopard set, blending brush)


d. WATERLINE: To apply eyeshadow on my lower waterline, for when I want to achieve a more smoked out look, I use these brushes. These ones help get in the small areas and help get a more precise line.


(Bh Cosmetics Red Leopard Set, Pencil brushes;
Bh Cosmetics Pink a dot set, brushes nº 3, 1)

e. EYELINER: These are the brushes I use to apply gel eyeliner, the thinnest one is the best for this purpose. And this is the perfect shaped brush to do so.


(Bh Cosmetics Pop Art set, nº brush; The Body Shop’s eyeliner brush;
Bh Cosmetics Red Leopard set, nº brush)



These are my 3 main ones that I use to do my brows. I use the spoolie to comb the brow hairs and to blend the product. I use the second brush to clean the brows with some concealer, to give the brows a more defined shape, and the last brush to apply brow product.


(Bh Cosmetics Pop Art set, nº brush; Bh Cosmetics Pink a Dot set, nº 2 brush;
Smashbox small angled brush)


This completes my brushes 101 post !!

Hope it was helpful to you guys 😀 !! If you have any doubts please let me know, I will gladly help you guys :-D.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone 😀

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