UD’s Naked Palettes Depotting

Hiii my beautiess !!

As I told you on my previous post, today I will be sharing with you guys my recent depotting project! Yes, I depotted more, and this is soo addictive, you don’t even imagine how much.

I depotted all my Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. No, don’t kill me, I can explain myself.

I have so many palettes right now that is so hard to use them all, so I decided to depot all my naked ones and put them all in the same palette, to make it easy to reach for them. But my condition, to myself, on doing so, was that I would only do it in a way that I wouldn’t ruin the packaging. Because if one day I change my mind, I can put those eyeshadows back and use it in the the original packaging.

I planned to put them all in a large Z palette, but it didn’t fit, and since I didn’t have any other bigger palette I had to put them in the dome one.

I investigated a lot before doing this and I applied different methods to each palettes.



Since this is a cardboard palette it has to be done differently. First you should rip off the part that has the eyeshadows from the packaging. Doing so will help you depot them better.


After that use the flat iron under the part that contains eyeshadows (don’t forget to put a sock over it, otherwise you can ruin your iron). Just heat it up slightly and take a cardboard cutter or any thin spatula to remove the pans form the casing.


And they get out nicely.




These eyeshadows come in a tin packaging so the process is slightly different.

First of all you should remove the back of the packaging. It comes out just by pushing on the edges.


On the back, it has double sided tape, so make sure to remove it well before taking it to the hot iron, otherwise it will make a mess when it melts.

Then you heat it up for a while just to melt the glue that holds together the pan to the packaging.


Once heated up, remove the pan very carefully from the packaging so you don’t ruin the eyeshadow.


And it will look like this.




This palette is a bit different. So I had to study it well. I couldn’t use heat because there was a gap between the part that holds the pans and the back of the palette. I couldn’t rip it out either. So I used another method. The alcohol method.

Using a syringe, that usually is used to measure medicines, I applied alcohol into the edges of the pans. All 4 edges to each pan.


Had to let it react with the glue for a 2-3 minutes and then using my cutter I carefully removed each and every pan out of the packaging.


The alcohol might get into the eyeshadow but it’s fine because it won’t change the composition of the eyeshadow, under 24h it will evaporate completely leaving your eyeshadow just like it was before.


After having all the eyeshadows out of the packaging, pour some rubbing alcohol into a cotton pad to remove glue from the back of the pan. And since I kept the packaging I decided to write the names of the shades and the palette on the back of each and every eyeshadow.


I thought and thought about doing this for weeks. And only when I found a way to do this without ruining the packaging is when I went for it.

After I depotted all of these shadows I put the packaging together just like it was before. On the naked original I glued it back together and on the 2 and 3 I closed the tin cases.

I wanted to color coordinate the eyeshadows. First I separated them by colors.

Then I organized them in a box in the way that they would lay in the Z Palette to make sure it’s perfect.

And the end result looks like this!!!


I’m so proud of it. It looks amazing. Hopefully will get more use out of them now. And since the packaging is intact I can go back any moment.

Hope you liked my project!! Let me know if you would do this to your naked palettes!!

Have a great week everyoneee !

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