Common Foundation Mistakes


Hii my beautiess !!

How have you been? First of all I would like to apologize for not posting this past week. But I had a family tragedy and I couldn’t do so.

Now off to the good stuff 😀 😀 !!

Today my post will be about the most common foundations mistakes that everyone must have or does commit. As simple as it look, choosing, putting on and finishing the foundation is a very complicated process. And I want to help you not make some mistakes in order to achieve the perfect foundation look.

So here are my top 10 mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not using a primer!!!

YES !! People still don’t understand the importance of the primer. Applying primer to your face is the most important step to help you achieve that flawless finish. Primer helps your foundation glide smoother, softens the wrinkles so the foundation doesn’t set on them, makes it last longer and even reduces shine. So make sure you do use it !!

  1. Applying just to the face.

We all have seen this. Many of us only apply the foundation to the face and forget about the hairline, ears and the neck. It is very important to blend the foundation out, so your face doesn’t look misplaced and everything seems just one tone.

  1. Putting concealer under the foundation

Ladies concealer goes over the foundation. The importance of it is to conceal the spots that foundation couldn’t. So it should be over the foundation.

  1. Not setting the foundation

This is another common mistake. Once you apply the foundation, it is very important to set it, otherwise it will move around the face and it will wear off easily, especially on oily skin.

  1. Testing the shade in your hand

I am guilty of doing this too! We all have tried finding the perfect foundation shade by applying it on our hands, but ladies this is not the right way. You should test it by applying to your face, especially on the jaw line. So you can see if it matches your face and neck, both.

  1. Applying the foundation to the whole face:

Ladies, if we are going for a more subtle look, you don’t need to apply foundation to your whole face. Just where you feel like you need it. Otherwise it will look too heavy, especially for the daytime.

  1. Applying a lot at once

Whenever applying the foundation, you should take small quantities and build it up. It’s easier to build it up than to remove the excess of the foundation.

  1. Applying it with the fingers:

Sometimes when on a rush all of us have applied the foundation with our fingers. It’s a fact! But you shouldn’t do so because the foundation doesn’t apply consistently, and there will be some spots with a light coverage and some with heavy. When applying the foundation you should go for a brush or a sponge.

  1. Using powder foundations:

Powder foundations are drying and they can look very cakey on the skin. It will emphasis your fine lines and wrinkles and your skin will look older than it is. If you do want to use a powder foundation go for a mineralized based, it will absorb the oils at the suface and blur the fine lines.

  1. Using foundation with ingredients such as Parabens and Alcohol:

These two are the ingredients that you should avoid at all cost!!

Alcohol is a dying agent, it will make your skin drier and make it look older.

Parabens is a preservative that is often used in make-up. This ingredient reacts adversely with the UV rays (as we know UV rays come from the sun) and it can accelerate the aging process of your skin.


Hope my tips have been useful to you guys!!

We all have made these mistakes at least once in our lives. So this is quite normal, but learning from our mistakes is what makes us evolve!

Have a great Monday and week everyone 😀 !

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