Depotting MAC single eyeshadows

Hii my beauties !!

How is your weekend going ? It is definitely flying by quickly.

As you saw on my previous post, I recently bought a Z Palette, and it got me motivated to depot my MAC single eyeshadows, so I read about depotting a bit more and decided to do it 😁😁.

The whole point of depotting is to downsize you make-up collection. If you have lots of make-up you must know by now how hard it is to organize and use all of the eyeshadows palettes, even the single ones.

When you have many palettes it is very hard to use them all, you will only lean towards the ones you use the most or to the one that is closest to you. And the single eyeshadows are the hardest to use because you have to go through all of them and look for the one that you want to use, and it’s a hassle. And organizing single eyeshadows is even harder, it takes a lot of space in your vanity.

So depotting eyeshadows is definitely the solution to my problem.

I chose the flat iron method. As you can see on the picture below, for that you will need a flat iron, a sock that you don’t use anymore and the eyeshadow itself (excuse the sock, I know it’s wierd but I had to choose one that don’t use anymore πŸ˜…πŸ˜‹).



First of all you will have to take out the eyeshadow tray from the packaging, and I used a paper cutter to pop it out. Right where it closes, it has a space where you can poke your paper cutter and pop the tray right out. Apply a light pressure, so the tray doesn’t fly out.




After the eyeshadow tray is out, heat up your flat iron and cover the iron part with a sock. So when you put the eyeshadow tray there, so it doesn’t melt into your iron and ruin it. After it gets a bit warm place the tray on the covered iron and allow the glue, that holds the eyeshadow pan to the tray, to melt, so you can take the pan out of the tray.




After you see that the tray is hot enough (about 30-40 seconds), try to pop out the pan, but be careful because the pan will be hot as well. Poke it with a pen or with the paper cutter on the tray and try to lift the pan out of the tray. If it’s not separating try heating it up a bit more. And when it separates it will look like this.




You will notice that there will be some glue in the pan, you can pour some rubbing alcohol into a cotton pad or ball and clean it right out. After that just place it in the pan and you will have a downsized eyeshadow collection.



I will definitely buy more of these palettes and depot more of my eyeshadows. I will let you know how it works out.Β I am clearly in a depotting kick right now ! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜…

Have you ever depoted any of your eyeshadows? Which method have you used? If you need any help or explanation on how to do it let me know.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone 😘 !

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