Make-up Haul

Hiii my beauties !!!

Soooo … Recently I purchased some make-up items and I would like to share them with you.

I know … I know .. I am super addicted to shopping, but make-up is beautifull guys … and we always want to buy more and more and moreeeeee … 😀

So this is what I bought:

1. From Morphe Brushes:


No one can ever have enough eyeshadows !! And I don’t want to be an exception to that rule !! Never ever ever …. So I bought these few shades (in the order of the picture below):

  • Ocean Frost
  • Wilderness
  • Sapphire
  • Naughty Girl
  • Barbie Girl
  • Spice

And I had to put them somewhere, so I bought a palette !! That justifies the palette, right? And it had to be pink ( I can make a justification to every purchase of mine, we all can when we really want make-up !!) It is a Z Palette in the size small. And some extra magnets for just in case.


LASHESSS !!! Lately I cannot have enough of these … I’m loving to wear false eyelashes, they look amazingggg on … I bought these ones, these are the #1 Morphe Premium Lashes. Morphe lashes are really good !! Easy to put on and very comfortable.


And of course a brush, I bought this #M509 (Delux Pointed Blender), that I see many beauty gurus using to apply their highlighter … Maybe it can help me apply my highlighter better.


2. Other random purchases:

We all know how glitter is really in right now, we see it being used by the major beauty gurus on theirs looks .. I had to buy some too, so I bought Micabella Glitters in the shades Silver and Black. I will update you on if these are really worth it and will share some of my looks using them.


And had to restocking on the Bh Cosmetics Automatic Brow Pencil. Mine was completely gonee .. This is my ultimate favorite brow product.


So, this completes my haul. Have you used any of these products ? Let me know if you did and how did you find them.

And for my mozambican ladies, if interested in buying Morphe products let me know, because I have been doing regular orders now 😀 !!!

Have a great weekend everyonee !! 😀

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