A trip with the sisters | Macaneta

Hiii my beauties !!

How have you been ?

As promised today I will share with you guys my trip to Macaneta, that I went on with my sister like friends, to celebrate my friend’s birthday.

For her birthday she decided that she wanted to go on a trip and she chose Macaneta beach. The whole plan was to take the ferry boat from Marracuene (which is about 35-40km away from Maputo) and within 5-10min we would have been there. But …. The ferry boat wasn’t working that that so we had to take the long way which took us about 3hrs to get there and not just because the road was long but also because the path was very sandy, so we had to go as slowly and steady as possible.

Even though we had to take the long way, the journey was fun. We loved it, filled with jokes, stops, fun and music !!! Nothing better than that. Here are some pictures of the journey. It was new and different experience for us.

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Once we got there the first task was to look for the house, and once we got there we were aweddd !! that house was beautiful and we had easy access to the beach. As you can see on the pictures below.

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One side is the beach and on the other side is the river. We saw the both sides of the town. The river side is very calm.

But the beach there is amazinggggg !!! The waves are strong, but the water is great not too cold, not too warm. We loved the beach so much that on the next day when we woke up we went straight to the beach (at 7.40 AM !!!!). It was very fun though.

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Macaneta is a very small town. Everything is very calm there. Few tourists, few people, but lots of houses and lodges. But it gets very busy on the holidays. Just like every other beach place here in Mozambique.

We really liked the place, it was an amazing and memorable trip and more because of the fact that we went in a group. It is very far but it’s worth it. The beach is amazing. The place is calm and relaxing. Amazing !!

Hope you liked my post. Let me know if you have ever been there or plan to go there !! If you need my help in anything, let me know.

Have a great Wednesday everyone !!!

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