How I wash my make-up brushes

Hii my beauties !!

How was your weekend ? Did you have fun ? I enjoyed a lot ! I went on a amazing trip with my friends, but I will talk about the place on the next post, in details and everything.

Today, I will share with you guys the importance of washing the make-up brushes and how I do it.

First of all, all of us should know that washing the make-up brushes regularly is very important for a good make-up application and to avoid breakouts or other skin problems, if you use your make-up brushes that haven’t been washed for long, it is very probable that you get skin problems, because it catches bacteria easily and since it is applied directly to your skin it increases the chances of breakouts or other skin problems.

I have very sensitive skin, so I choose to clean my brushes every week, otherwise I get breakouts. You can use them, without washing, for a maximum of two weeks, not more than that, otherwise it can be bad for your skin. If you have sensitive skin like me, it is better if you wash them every week, if not you can push it for max two weeks.

To wash my brushes I use a normal shampoo, right now I’m using the Pantene Moisture Renewal, as you can see on the picture below, just so the bristles don’t get too dry. It is better if you choose a shampoo that don’t dry the bristles out.


Face Brushes:

First of all I wet all the face brushes at once, as you can see below.


Then I take one by one a dip a bit in the shampoo.


Then I swirl it on my hand, to take all the product out of the brush. I keep swirling and squeezing the product out of the brush, then I wash it just to get all the shampoo out of it.


After all of them are washed I rinse them once more.


Eye Brushes:

For the eye brushes the process is the same. First of all I wet all the brushes at once.


Then I take one by one a dip a bit in the shampoo.


Then I do the whole swirling and squeezing process to take the product out of it and then wash them.



For the sponge the process is different. For the sponge I use a soap bar, because it cleans it better and the soap doesn’t stay in the sponge. It’s easier to wash it like this.


So, first of all I wet the sponge and the soap bar.


Then I rub the sponge into the soap bar.


After it is all covered in soap,


I squeeze the sponge so all the product that is in the sponge gets out. I keep rubbing, and squeezing the sponge until all of it comes out. Repeat as many times as necessary.


Until it looks like this. Clean and new !!


Drying the brushes:

Now, when putting the brushes to dry it is very important to put them like this and leave the bristles on the edge like this so it dries faster and it doesn’t ruin the shape of the brush.

It is very important to lay them flat and not standing, otherwise all the water will go inside the brush and bit by bit it will destroy the glue that holds all the bristles together, and your brush will start shedding faster.



So, this is all that I have to share with you guts about brush washing. Let me know if you do it differently, and how you do it.

Hope this was helpful to you guys !!

Have a great week everyone !! 😀

3 thoughts on “How I wash my make-up brushes

  1. Hey girl!
    I’ve been reading your blogs and must say you’re doing an excellent job – keep it up!
    I just thought I’d share this with you:
    I used to use shampoos to clean my brushes too but I felt that it was quite difficult to get all the gunk out. I purchased the Makeup Revolution Brush Cleaner Shampoo and omg – it’s been a lifesaver! I Feeel like it removes all the make up and bacteria in such a short space of time along with leaving your brushes smelling amazingly good! I’d deffo recommend you to get your hands on that or the Clinique one – both do a good job 😊

    Anyways, keep this up 👌 x


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