Horse Riding Experience

Hii my beautiess !!

How was your week ? It’s Friday !! Who is excited ?

Today I want to share with you guys my horse riding experience. Here you can see some of the horses and what the stable looks like. It’s a very beautiful and calm place.

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Recently I found out about a place, here in Maputo, that has a horse ranch, and teaches horse riding, does rides and let’s us hang out with horses. I’ve been so excited to ride horses, and since I’ve heard about this place I was really eagered to go there and ride one !!

Finally got the chance to ride one, they have so many horses over there, and they are soooo hugee ! I got a bit scared when I saw one up close, but my will to ride it was bigger than the fear and I am so glad I did so ! It was sooo much fun, I don’t even have words to describe how much fun I had riding it. My horse was called Shaggy, she was well behaved and everything. Loved riding him !!

Here are some pictures from my experience.


It’s definitely lots of fun, it’s such a calm place that you forget everything for a while and only feel the moment. It is definitely a must do !!

Let me know if you want to know where this place is !! 😀

Have a great weekend everyone !!


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