New Year, Better Me


First of all, a very happy new year to everyone!!!!

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Mine was pretty awesome, went to a party, which was really fun, lots of dancing and fun!

With every new year people say new year new me, but for me there is no such thing as new year new me, but there is definitely a thing such as, new year better me, and that is what I want to achieve year after year.

At the end of each year I set some goals that I want to achieve the following year and everything I do is towards the goals. To make sure I do get where I want to be.

Last year was truly amazing, I got so busy that didn’t even had time to focus on the bad things, which helped me stay positive and do more and more. It was field with high highs but had some low lows as well, and it’s ok, because it is part of the life. I had set some goals that I managed to achieve along the year, such as working, graduating with distinction, starting a blog, learning more about make-up and such. But of course some of the goals were not achieved but I always keep pursuing them.

And I will make sure this year is epic as well, I want to make my blog bigger and better, bring you more and better contents, tutorial and more. I also want to work harder on my career and be the best at my work, and there is so much more that I want to do! This year I plan to work harder and harder so I can be exactly where I want to be, and look back into 2016 and be like YESSS I made it!

So these are some of the goals that I planned to achieve this year, what are your goals? If you did set some goals make sure that everything you do is in order to achieve them.
Have a great year everyone !!

Happy Monday !

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