International Designers at MFW

Hii my beauties !!

Here I come again with another Fashion Week related post ! Today I will be talking about the international designers at MFW. The whole purpose of this is to promote cultural exchange between different countries, for them to get to know our style and for us to know theirs. There were amazing clothes and very famous designers from all around the world, such as Italy, Portugal and Japan.

And the designers who took part of this show were:

1. FUZZI, an italian fashion house that is keeping up with the tradition of producing high quality prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) garments, for man and women. The clothes can be described as girly, made with light fabric and complete wearable.

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2. Irene Pezzota, is another italian fashion designer student. Her collection was based on knitwear. It looked very comfortable and wearable on daily basis.

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3. Roselyn Silva, is fusion of afro-european style, it’s a fusion of African fabrics and with modern cuts. I can describe her collection as bold pattens in statement pieces. Also with wearable pieces.

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4. Kyuten Kawashima, the Creative director for the brand Re-Kyu, his collection is focused on traditional Japanese designs and high quality silks. The collection had simple yet eye catching pieces, for men and women. Also wearable.

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5. Micaela Oliveira, a portuguese designer with prêt-à-porter clothes. She is known as the icon of glamour, charm and sophistication. And you could see that in her collection VERY BEAUTIFUL, mostly evening dresses. I really liked her collection. It did in fact stand out.

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6. Miguel Vieira, known for his chiq black, white with grey details on his clothes. Internationally respected and awarded Portuguese designer. I have no words to describe this other than sleek. Very chiq cocktail/formal wear, statement colors, just amazing as always. There is no disappointing with Miguel Vieira. And to end the show in a high note Cláudia Vieira walked on the ramp with one of his designs.

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Just wowed !!

I’ve had the privilege to see all these collections from up close and they were really as beautiful, unique as it looked for the audience. I can only say that this show was just amazing.

These amazing pictures are courtesy of Saint-Louis Studio. Check out his facebook for more MFW photos at

Hope you liked it !

Have a good Thursday everyone !!



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