DIY Planner

Hii my beauties !!

So today I’m going to talk about something different, about my recent DIY projects.

So, I recently bought a planner for 2016, it is very pretty form the outside but when I opened it I was a bit disappointed, I expected it to be a bit prettier. I always wanted those pretty colorful planners but never found one. Does that happen to you too?

Since the planner is a spiral one, so there is space for customization. And I got very excited to do it. I’ve always seen those planner fillers on pinterest and I always wanted to do something like that.  As you can see on the picture below, it has a white, pink and purple cover so I wanted to keep on with the theme.

The planners usually come with the same old thing with a dull apperance, a space to fill out personal information, a year calendar, a public holidays list, and so on. So I decided to remove all the pages that I knew I wouldn’t use and only kept the calendar and the day planning pages.

And I made a monthly calendar, so I could plan the important monthly activities, a new notes section, a section to note all the montly expenses, a detailed year calendar and a birthday calendar, all of it with purple details as you can see on the picture below.

And it looks like this with the inserts in.

Well this is how I customized my planner, butttt this wasn’t enough for me, I got so excited with the DIY thing that I wanted to make another planner. So I decided to make my blogger planner, and it ended up looking like this.

I really wanted to make one but didn’t know exactly how I would do it. Then I though, before I started blogging I wrote down on my diary the topics I would write about, the frequency of the posts, the dates of a post and each and every detail regarding my blog, and now, instead of it being in many different notes and diaries and all I can put it all in one planner. And I separated the topics in sections, such as posts, finance and other.

And I made a scrap of what would it could include. And I decided that it’s important to have an about me page and a year calendar.

about me


Regarding the posts it should have a monthly planner, types of post for every month, week and every other week, topics to write about, locations to go/shoot, and so on.


Regarding the finance it should have a section where I would write down all my earnings that I made with the blog and bills to pay.

And a section for others such as notes and contacts.

For now I’ve left it like this, but I always keep thinking what else I can add to complete my planner.

So these are my recent DIY planner creations. Let me know if you like the, or if you want me to help you customize your planner or help you make a DIY planner.

Yey it’s Friday already !! 😀

Have a great day and weekend everyone ! 😀

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