Make-Up Collection Series| Lipstick

Hii my sweeties 😘😘😘

So today I will be sharing with you guys my LIPSTICK collection 😁😁 ! So exciting !

So this is where I keep my lipsticks, this is DIY lipstick organizer. This is basically a ferrero rocher box with cardboard dividers, and with some decorations along the box.

This organizer holds up to 40 lipsticks it has 5 columns x 8 rows. As you can see on the picture below.

I’ve got 26 lipsticks, from different brands, as I will be lististing. along the post ( still more to come though 🙈😋 ).


So I have my lipsticks color coordinated, the first column has all my pink ones (and yes, one of my pink ones is ruined 😔 ), the second column has a purple one on the bottom and a nude with peach undertone on on top, the third column I have my brown ones, on the fourth column I have the mauve ones and on the last column I have my red ones on the bottom and the maroon ones on the top, as you can see below.


I’m going to list and show every lipstick that I’ve got, by colors.


  • MAC’s Star Magnolia, in Cremesheen Finish
  • MAC’s Pink Pearl Pop in Cremesheen Finish (she is dead 😦 )
  • MAC’s Pink Pearl Pop, in Amplified Finish


  • REVLON Softsilver Rose 420
  • Essence Colour Crush 08
  • Essence Cotton Candy 10

  • L’Óreal’s Color Riche Serum in the shade Radiante Rose S103
  • Smashbox’s Pink Petal


  • REVLON Iced Amethyst 625


  • MAC’s Pure Zen, in Cremesheen Finish


  • MAC’s Spirit in Satin Finish
  • REVLON Blushed 420

  • REVLON Champagne on Ice 205
  • REVLON Cofee Bean 300


  • MAC’s Sin in Matte finish
  • ASCOT in the shade 70


  • REVLON Love That Red 725
  • REVLON Wine With Everything 520
  • MAC’s Ruby Woo in Matte Finish

  • L’Óreal’s Color Riche Serum in the shade True Red S502
  • Yardley Juicy Melon


  • MAC’s Hot Gossip in Cremesheen Finish
  • MAC’s Fast Play in Amplified Finish
  • MAC’s Brave in Stin Finish

  • REVLON Rum Raisin
  • REVLON Blushing Mauve

So overall I’ve got 10 MAC lipsticks, 9 Revlon’s, 2 Essence’s, 2 L’Óreal’s, 1 Smashbox’s, 1 Ascot’s and 1 Yardley’s.

How did you find my collection?

Let me know how big is your lipstick collection.

Have a great Thursday ( Friday is almost here YEY ! ) !


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