Top 5 Make-Up Tips Series | Eyes

Hiii my sweeties !

So this will be my first post for my Top 5 Make-Up Tips Series. Today I will talk about small things that you can do, that can help you with your eye make-up application.

So here it goes:

1. Do have those days when you are tired but you don’t want anyone to know that? Instead of a black eyeliner on your lower waterline, wear a white one, it will give your eyes a more awaken look (P.S. and will make your eyes look bigger);

2. We all have those eyeshadows that are don’t show up alot but the color is soooo amazing!! So, for a better color pick-up spray your eyeshadow brush with a bit of MAC´s fix plus and then pick-up your eyeshadow with the brush. The pigmentation will be wayy better;

3. You know when you are doing your winged liner and you mess it up a bit, don’t panic ! Take a Q-Tip wet it a bit on you make-up remover and clean it up, it will come right out and you won´t even notice where you messed it up. And because you used a Q-Tip you can erase even the smallest mistakes;


4. Using a hair dryer to slightly warm up your eyelash curler, and then curling your lashes can give an even more dramatic curl to your eyelashes;


5. If you don´t have a propper eye make-up remover, and the one you usually use kinda burns in your eye area use olive oil to remove your eye make-up, it will take it off without any hassle plus it will make your skin softer.


Were these tips usefull to you ?

Tell me about the tips and tricks you use on your eye make-up, and if you have ever used any of these tips how did it workout for you.

Have a great Tuesday everyonee !

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Make-Up Tips Series | Eyes

      1. Okay… so I tried it yesterday for church and I couldn’t really see a difference.
        However, I tried it this morning because I was really tired after driving for hours mid-morning and I must say, my eyes are gorgeous!!!!!

        Thanks so much for the tip!

        Liked by 1 person

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