A Memorable Trip | Inhaca Island

Hiii my sweeties !

Today I will be sharing my experience of when I went to Inhaca Island.

Wow! I still remember how excited I was to go there. I’ve never been there before so the excitement was sky high. And since I like beaches so much, I knew this trip was going to be a good one.

Well, to go all the way there, there are two options, by boat or by a small plane. I thought, well on the boat I will have some fun. And ohhh was I wrong !! The ride was almost 3 hours long, and the boat wasn’t stable at all ! I got sick, but still wanted to enjoy it as much as I could, because I’m a hugeee boat person.

So this is the view of when we were almost there. Beautiful, right?

So once I got there I just wanted to go to the house, fresh up and go explore the beauty of that island.

And let me tell you, that horrible boat ride was totally worth it, this place is heavenly!!! These photos don’t even do justice to the place. It’s just amazingly beautiful. The beaches are so calm, beautiful and clean that you don’t feel like going back home. Just felt like staying there for as long as I could.


After a bit of time spent on the beach I went on a long walk to explore the island. Just to see what does it have to offer, get to know the community and all.

I think I saw half of the island on that first day.

I couldn’t find any restaurants near the house that I was staying. It was a long walk untill the market area. We didn’t get to see many people on the side of the island that we were in. But when I got to the other side where there was a market with shops, restaurants and everything, it was full of tourists.


Once I was there I had to try out their flavour, how they cook, what are the spices they use. So I ordered the sea food platter. And must I tell you the food was yummy !! They mainly use butter, lemon and garlic, but it’s so subtle and not too garlicky.

Then headed back to the house, another long walk, yet worth it! Got to take so many pictures. Amazing memories. Once I got home it was almost 6pm, I was exhausted. Watched a movie and slept early.


Next day was the day to come back to Maputo. I didn’t want to come back but I had to, because next day was Monday and had to go to work. The boat ride was around 3pm so had plenty of time in the morning to sunbathe and go swimming at the beach.

After some time had to go back to the house, finish packing and head back to the boat. And to be honest I was dreading the ride back.


Got to take some more pictures while waiting for the boarding time.I didn’t want to go back, because I had such an amazing time there.

For me the best part of the trip was definitely being on those calm beaches and the worst was the boat ride.

Have you ever been to Inhaca Island? Tell me about your experience if you ever did!

I’m getting so much love from my readers, thank you so much! Let me know what you would like see more on my blog. I would love to do so for you.

Have a great Tuesday !!

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