My Happy Place | Vanity


This is my happy place, my vanity!

This is the place where i usually do my make-up and sometimes my work. And sometimes just by looking at it, I get a smile on my face (cheesy, I know 🙈😋!!!)

As you can see I have all my brushes there, one of the cup has all my face brushes and the other has all my eye brushes. There is a mirror that I usually use when I apply my make-up and a tray is where I like to keep my magazines, or some other random things.

2015-11-02 17.01.31

On the lower shelf of the left corner I keep some of my eyeshadow pallets like naked original, 2, 3, smoky and the Too Faced chocolate bar. There is also a colorful glitter eyeshadow palette, and beside that is my lipstick collection, and yes mac lipsticks are my favorite.

On the upper self I keep all my nail polishes, as you can see I have many different brands, but lately the essence ones have been my favorites, and there is frame with a keep calm quote.


On the right side, on the lowest shelf I keep my cotton balls, my q-tips on those jars and on the tray I keep some earrings and hairbands. On the middle shelf I keep all my regular use products and my hair brushes. On the top shelf I keep my make-up case, in which I put my make-up removing wipes.


That’s all, I like to keep on my vanity simple and colorful!

Tell me how you like to keep and organize your vanity ☺️

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